You need to start dealing with your personal finances


Of course, it is much easier to live in denial of the need to deal with personal finances, but this is the right recipe for accumulating problems. In general, we are unstable beings, who make decisions without much rational basis with some frequency, and when it comes to money, this is no different.

It is very likely that you have already stopped buying clothes that you liked a lot because you found them too expensive, but shortly afterwards you spent the same amount in a restaurant, for example. Even if we don’t take over, we are driven by impulses and that is why we need some control when it comes to finances.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t care about the money

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You can even be a detached person, who doesn’t need much to live and who doesn’t worry so much about spending savings when you feel like it, but you can’t live forever ignoring your relationship with money.

If this is not your case, if you worry too much about how much you earn and need that money to supply a certain level of quality of life, the situation is even more worrying.

Most of the time, this mechanism of not creating a real relationship with finances is a way of ignoring how harmful the situation is to your quality of life. It is this same attitude that makes us not resist promotions and spend more than we should, always looking for a valid reason for lack of control.


Accept the past, think of the future and act now

Accept the past, think of the future and act now

The key to taking care of your financial life is in your daily, routine actions, those that seem small, but condition all the others. Search for more product options according to the economy, go a month without buying anything that is not absolutely necessary, use only paper money for a week, stop using your credit card, get an extra income source: these are just some of the actions you can take right now.

Our variable expenses are usually those that weigh the most in your pocket. Although smaller than the fixed ones, the weight comes from this lack of awareness of where the money is going, the feeling of lack of control of personal finances that accompanies spending broken values ​​every day.

As long as the money for your personal life is not organized, you will hardly be able to plan dreams, set goals for your work, start savings. Dividing your personal expenses from professionals and starting to look at your routine is the best way to stop ignoring the need to deal with money right now.

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