Bubblehouse launches the first accessible and ecological NFT marketplace


Tech startup and NFT pioneer Bubblehouse has announced its own NFT Marketplace – the world’s first and only platform that makes these digital assets social, accessible, and environmentally friendly.

With the new Bubblehouse NFT Marketplace, content creators – artists, musicians, photographers, chefs, gamers, celebrities and athletes – have a new destination to share their art and grow their work. The tech company is calling on creators to make the switch and form their own NFT economies on its new platform.

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Changing the way NFTs are traded

The company aims to create the first ‘social, eco-friendly and accessible NFT Marketplace’, providing a platform for creators and collectors to create digital NFT collecting and selling communities, as well as exclusive experiences ( xNFT), without needing any technical knowledge of cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens.

Currently, there is no easy way to view people’s NFT portfolios or view their collection or trading histories. With Bubblehouse’s new solution, people can proudly showcase what they own, regardless of the platform from which they acquired their digital assets. Additionally, the new app offers a one-of-a-kind social environment that allows users to see relevant activities of their favorite friends and athletes, influencers and celebrities in real time – their collections on what’s currently for sale or trade. .

What sets the Bubblehouse platform apart from other existing NFT marketplaces is that it brings uniqueness to the domain and makes the world of NFT easy and accessible to everyone by removing complex and unnecessary crypto mechanics from the backend side. These features include the need for crypto wallets with the prerequisite of owning cryptocurrencies before completing any transaction.

When users register with Bubblehouse, they automatically get a crypto wallet, and the platform takes care of the NFT they buy and sell, and immediately transacts their wallets.

Its new platform comes shortly after Bubblehouse successfully raised $ 4 million in its pre-seed funding round, led by early stage investment venture capitalist Third Kind VC. The pre-seed round was also supported by SV Angel, Soma Capital, Watertower Ventures and other angel investors and leading investors.

About Bubblehouse

Bubblehouse is the first platform to symbolize physical experiences. With the introduction of experience NFTs, or simply xNFTs, creators now have the ability to sell NFTs in the form of experiences and exclusive tickets. The platform also allows its creators to list and monetize all of their creations and experiences. At the same time, they can also enjoy benefits like DM access to creators after purchasing items and owning non-commercial rights to digital assets.

Finally, Bubblehouse is working to overcome the eco-sustainability issue that remains inherent in cryptocurrency by using the greener Polygon blockchain which is over 99% more carbon efficient compared to Etherium. In addition, it is more environmentally friendly, preserves security, and solves industry issues, such as high gasoline costs and slow speeds that still exist in other unsustainable blockchain technologies.

The Bubblehouse app is now available for free on Apple App and Google Play.

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