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Do you want to borrow money and are you looking for the cheapest loan? Then you have come to the right place, lending companies is the specialist in borrowing money. Thanks to our exclusive cooperation with 5 specialized credit banks, we can offer the lowest interest rates on the market. You can borrow money responsibly from us at good conditions and with the lowest interest rates. Our working method is set up in such a way that you can determine yourself completely online what you want to borrow and on what conditions. How does that work? We explain it to you step by step.

Borrow money; insight into your options within 24 hours

Borrow money; insight into your options within 24 hours

Lending companies you can request a free loan quote online. The process to borrow money is arranged so that you can determine everything yourself. So you can;

  1. Calculate yourself what you can borrow with the maximum loan calculation “what can I borrow?”
  2. Compare the loans, interest rates and monthly installments of the various banks in one overview
  3. Request a quote for free and without obligation by filling in the application form, this will take you 2 minutes
  4. You will receive access to your personal “my environment” from us. Here you will find quotes
  5. Is the right offer there for you? Then you can upload the requested documents (including a payslip). After checking, the money will be transferred to you within 2 working days.

What does it cost? Borrow money without closing costs

What does it cost? Borrow money without closing costs

Borrowing money costs money, because you pay interest on the borrowed sum. But also, when comparing your options, pay attention to whether you have to pay extra costs. With lending companiesen you can borrow money without additional costs such as consultancy costs. This means that we do not charge any additional costs for the loan brokerage.

Compare loan and then borrow without advice or intervention from call centers

Compare loan and then borrow without advice or intervention from call centers

We mediate for you without prior advice, this form of service is called ‘execution only’. Taking out a loan in this way is only suitable for consumers who have sufficient knowledge and experience with regard to financial products and more specifically borrowing money and to be able to choose a loan independently. Want to know more about our method? Then view this page.

Is it possible to transfer an existing loan?

This is certainly possible and with the somewhat older existing loans (for example, loans that have already been running for 18 months or longer), the benefit can really be considerable. Making existing loans cheaper is often easier if you think. You indicate to us what loan (s) you have outstanding and we will look for the lowest interest. We lower the interest on your loan and you pay off your loan faster. This can only save thousands of euros.

Pay attention! We call that the hidden or forgotten loans. What is often forgotten and indeed concerns borrowing are the overdrafts on the payment account, credit card expenses that are repaid in monthly installments and purchase on installment from for example Wehkamp. Here you often pay an even higher interest rate than at the (large) banks, the difference with lender’s interest rates is often the greatest here. Or it pays to take these “loans” with you and to take them over. Are you curious about the advantage that we can offer? Take the test and compare the possibilities with lenders. This does not oblige you to anything, but it does provide immediate insight into the savings options. We are happy to serve you!

Why lending companies

  • Free insight into your options with customized quotes
  • Unique collaboration with credit banks that offer the lowest interest rates and favorable conditions
  • You decide on your new loan, we do not give you advice. You decide what you want to borrow under what conditions.
  • View your options in the personal “my environment” and determine your next steps. We guide you step by step towards the best loan.
  • Do you have any questions or would you like to discuss something? We can always do that 7 days a week. So do not hesitate and mail or call us!

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